David Alvarez

Total Alvarez Union Money: $3,483,265

(Totaling 85% of his total donations)

  • $3,275,265.55 of Alvarez contributions are from Unions, while only $557,209 are from individuals.

  • Only 15% of Pro-Alvarez money comes from individuals.

  • 85% of the money to elect Alvarez comes from unions and special interests, most of which are located outside the City of San Diego.

Top Five Alvarez Supporters*


AFSCME (Union)



SEIU (Union)



UFCW (Union)



SD Labor Council (Union)



UDW (Union)


  • Nearly 70% of contributions elect Alvarez are from outside of the City of San Diego.

  • Most Pro-Alvarez money comes from Sacramento, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

  • $755,000+ from Washington D.C. has flowed into town to elect Alvarez.

*All five of these unions endorsed and financially supported Bob Filner in 2012.

Source is inewsource.org